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Por que celebramos o Natal, o Dia de Reis, a Páscoa, a Ascensão, o Pentecostes? Por que razão a coroa de advento, prendas, estrelas, anjos, pastores são centrais no Natal? Por que comemos cabrito ou borrego na Páscoa? De onde nos vêm expressões como " daqui lavo as minhas mãos " ou " bode expiatório" ou "coisas do arco da velha"? Que está por detrás de tantas pinturas clássicas, de obras centrais da literatura mundial, de filmes como os Dez Mandamentos, o Príncipe do Egipto, The Climb? Que se entende por Verdade, Amor, Justiça, Gratidão, Compaixão, Arrependimento, Perdão...? Quem foi Eva, Adão, Abel, Caim, Sansão, David, Samuel, Rute, Débora, Daniel, Isaías ou Jeremias ?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Text on Easter - Texto sobre a Páscoa

The Son of Man's Hours of Crisis

Entrying into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
He was not in anticipation of being crowned:

The crying of the multitude " Hail Son of David"
would soon turn into "Crucify Him !"

Celebrating Passover with His Disciples
His Heart was moved, full of love for them all;
Sadness however filled His thoughts
"This is our Last Meal together here, with you",

He said
I must go away from you."

And added,
"I will be back to you however ..."

" Do this in remembrance of me.
This bread, that I break and share with you
represents my body, which will be broken for you;
this wine we drink a shade it is of my blood poured out for the forgiveness of sins;it ratifies a new agreement with men."
Among men it is common for the masters to be served.
But with me, your Lord and Master, I must serve you and so you have to do if you are with me."

" What you have to do, do it quickly",
Jesus told Judas as an aside.
And after that satan took possession of the heart and mind
of the so called disciple.

After the song, heading to the Gethsemane Garden,

He was struck with horrifying agony.

Three times he prayed earnestly in the Mount of Olives.

Overwhelmed with grief, He kept on fighting on His own,
blood and sweat coming down His face to the ground.
An angel from heaven came to strenghten Him in spirit.

To do the Will of the Father meant
excruciating suffering in His spirit,

pain in the
soul, overcoming the desire of the weak flesh.

" Father, if it is POSSIBLE, pass this cup from me..."

Glorifying the Father meant betrayal,
Injustice, ungratefulness, loneliness, lowliness,
Insults, mistreatment, false witnesses, being called liar
For saying The Truth, nothing but The Truth":

But, worst of all,
The torment of SEPARATION from His beloved Father

Awaited Him..


He had to accept over Him the burden of all the sin in the world...
The Father would have to abandon Him,

horrified by the view of evil over THE ONLY ONE FROM HIM BEGOTTEN.

Was there ANY OTHER way out?

That was the REASON WHY He had become A MAN among men:

Emmanuel, God is WITH us.
It was NOT POSSIBLE for men
to GET RIGHT with God on any other terms!
That was THE hour.
The Father would ONLY accept an unblemished substitution victim.
There was NO ONE ELSE but Him, God among men.
That was the Hour to reverse the History of Mankind, of Earth.

" Your Will be done"

He willingly became

Jesus, the Lamb INSTEAD of us, of each one of us.

God's Love and Justice coming together:
The two sides of the same hand.

Before the Victory, a cup of sorrows.

The Cross for the Son of Man was a necessity,
Only the GodMan was able to recover men from the fall,

the Genesis destructive rebellion against the Creator
Had to be atoned for.
He instead of us all, on the trial cross of mankind.

"It is finished! Father, into your hands I commit my spirit"

The curtain of the Temple torn in two, from top to bottom.
Darkness around, the earth shook, the rocks split, tombs opened.

"Surely He was the Son of God!",

The centurion proclaimed.

What was Jesus' decision?
To go to hell
for me and you
to overcome death and evil in the body of a Man
His purpose?
Opening wide the Gates of Heaven...
for all men, for everybody.

Before the ascension into Heaven,

There was the descent into hell.

" Your Will be done "

The Father was glorified with His total obedience.
We ... that call Him Lord and God
Were set free from eternal bondage.

Rescued for eternity
to live with God and His Perfect Lamb for ever.

His Mission was accomplished.

Agatha Warship

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