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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Páscoa e o Cordeiro - THE FEAST OF THE PASSOVER and THE LAST SUPPER by Dirk Bouts, c.1460

 This Last Supper painting is "remarkable for its stylistic purity and sobriety. The faces of the disciples do not vary greatly. Their gestures seem to have been frozen at a particular point in time. It is an important moment, and those present seem to be meditating on its significance. 
The real novelty of this extraordinary painting lies in its systematic application of the laws of perspective. The trapezoid of the white table cloth, the distribution of the figures around it and their convergence on the central figure of Christ, as well as the subtle rhythm of the different colours, all conspire to endow this complex composition with a profound pictorial unity and great significance .
It is one of the key works in the history of Flemish art.
 Here, Bouts breaks with the tradition according to which Christ is always represented in the act of announcing the betrayal of Judas. Instead, he chooses to show the moment at which he institutes the Eucharist", that is the sharing of the wine and bread among His disciples.
JESUS being Himself THE LAMB OF GOD, puts an end to the sacrifice of passover lambs, a warning of His Coming as son of Man to be punished for the sin of men. That is why He mentions in this meal that His Blood ( represented by the wine shared ) is going to be shed and His Body ( symbolised by the bread given away) is going to be broken for those that wait upon His deliverance.
The Last Supper was the last ritual Passover Feast because the LAMB OF GOD was about to be sacrificed.  

The SACRIFICED LAMB is in  the centre of the First Feast of Passover ( a sacrificial male lamb that delivered the firstborn of each house from death ) and in the centre of the Last Passover Supper ( Jesus Christ, The Perfect Lamb of God that came to die for those that accept Him as their Saviour ). The white table cloth is a symbol of purity.

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